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  • George Pompilio

Should I Have A Band Or Should I Have A DJ?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The question of whether to go with a band or a DJ for your big day is not easily answered. Ultimately, your decision comes down to pricing and preference. I would venture to say that most millennials that have been to weddings have not been to a wedding with a band given that DJs are more affordable and therefore more prevalent. However, more prevalent does not necessarily mean better. So, how do bands and DJs differ from one another?  

Bands play live music; usually their rendition of popular artists’ songs. It is uncommon for bands to play their own, original music. Something to keep in mind is that bands have singers and all singers have their own vocal range. As a result, the singer’s rendition of your favorite songs may not sound anything like what you are accustomed to. Are you okay with having a song sound nothing like what you thought it would? Now, don’t get me wrong. A talented singer with a wide vocal range can be amazing, but they will never sound like the original artist. I once had a conversation with someone regarding the fact that a wedding singer doesn’t quite do the music they perform as well as the original artist. The person responded, “If they did sound as good then they wouldn’t be in a wedding band they would be a celebrity.” 

Another factor to consider when trying to choose between a band and a DJ is that bands have limited repertoires. Those limitations will have an impact on the variety and spontaneity of music (think of live requests) available at your event.  In addition, factors like equalizing also have an impact on the sound of the band. For example, if they are not equalized properly the singer sometimes gets drowned out. 

DJs may not have the “awe” factor of a band but they do have a special someone known as an MC. DJs make-up for the awe of musicians and singers with the glitz and glamour of technology like flat screens, lighting, special effects, and the charisma and energy of MCs. DJs are also a good way of not breaking the bank.  Something to consider is that some DJs offer the integration of percussionists and/or other musicians, which can help give you the best of both worlds. The cost of hiring an average band, in the tri-state area, can range from $10K to $20K. You can hire an amazing DJ for half the cost. 

Now that you have a little more information you can make a more informed decision that will result in the event of your dreams. After all, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You should make it memorable and have it your way!

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