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  • George Pompilio

Lighting: Is it important and does my DJ offer it?

The art of DJing has evolved over the years. DJs are offering more and more add-ons and options as their clients’ needs expand. Lighting is one of the areas that continues to evolve. DJs have traditionally offered some form of lighting, but the world of lighting has evolved as technology has evolved .

You may be asking yourself why weddings have lighting? Well, for ambiance of course! Lighting can either help add to the ambiance of your event or it can become a cheesy intrusion. DJs that want to remain current in the industry, but don’t understand the intricacies of lighting will rely on basic, stationary, plug in lights that do more to detract rather than add to your event. On the other hand, DJs that understand and have mastered the concept of light design are able to leverage intelligent lighting to create shows that you would see at high end clubs and, if they are really skilled, like what you would see at the Grammys. Intelligent lightning, as the name suggests, is versatile and can offer a range of atmospheres depending on your needs.

If you are considering integrating lighting into entertainment to make your event even more memorable, you will need to find a DJ that understands the importance of lighting. Here are some things to consider.

1. What kind of lighting does your DJ offer?

Lighting is a lot like an iPhone - the technology changes faster than most people can keep up with. A DJ that understands lighting and its impact on an event will have invested in high quality, modern lighting that delivers bright and vibrant light. A good rule of thumb is that your DJ’s lighting should have a minimum of two moving heads at a minimum and the lighting should be elevated on a truss.

  • What is uplighting and why should I include it in my event? Uplighting is more of an approach and less of a thing. Uplighting is the process of taking individual lights and placing them around the room next to the walls. Doing this washes color onto the walls, which is what creates the ambiance. A DJ that is skillful with lightning can mix colors of the lighting while creating light shows and even getting the lights to chase, which further enhances the ambiance.

  • What are some things that I should keep in mind when deciding on uplighting?

  • Cost: Uplighting can be expensive given that most venues require 20 to 30 lights depending on the size of the room.

  • Power source: You should probably check to see if your venue has outlets around the room. If they don’t you will likely require battery powered uplights.

4. Want your names in light?

An experienced, skillful DJ will know just how to project you and your spouse’s name in light. This custom addition will cost you a few hundred dollars extra.

Lighting, like so many other things at your big event, is a matter of choice. Should you decide to include lighting be sure that your DJ uses intelligent lighting and is skilled at creating light shows. After all, this is your big day and you deserve nothing but the best.

In conclusion lighting is not mandatory but if it fits your budget I would recommend some intelligent lighting to add a party atmosphere to your dance floor. Also keep in mind not all DJs make light shows and many DJs do not focus on making light shows that are more than basic. If you want your wedding to stand out hire a DJ that takes pride in their light shows.

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