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Do's and Don'ts (A Simple Suggestion)

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Do’ s

1. The introduction sets the energy level of the night. Make sure you choose upbeat and energetic songs to pump the crowd up. The songs should have an up tempo progression. The song that the newlyweds enter to should be the most up beat song in the introduction. The best introduction songs have a good beat and some nice bass, this helps to amp the crowd up. I would avoid using a song like L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole and instead choose a song like Don’t stop the party by Pitbull.  Some More recommendations for newlywed entrance songs are: Can’t stop this feeling by Justin Timberlake, Uptown funk by Bruno Marrs or Party rock anthem by LMFAO.

2. During the first dance invite couples to join in halfway. Its import to have a minute or two of dancing with your significant other, but at the same time keep in mind the guest have already spent a significant amount of time watching. So invite them to join in half way, making them feel welcome by sharing your special moment with them.

3. Is your main goal to have all your guests up and dancing the night away? Keep in mind this is most likely not your DJ’s first rodeo. Allow him to make those crucial dance floor decisions. However, it is important to provide your DJ with a few songs as a guide to identify the type of music you and your guests like.

4. Having a bouquet toss and garter ceremony is completely a choice of the individual bride and groom. Some may feel embarrassed and some may feel its cheesy or corny to have this part of the night. Nevertheless, it can add a level of entertainment to your wedding and still allow for audience participation. The choice is yours and your alone, but we do encourage having both these events.


1. When choosing your venue don’t chose a hall with a reception room that holds twice as many people as your need. Though having extra space may sound great, the room & dance floor can end up looking empty if it is under capacity.

2. When discussing the layout of courses and formalities, be sure to include your band or DJ in the conversation. Keep in mind caterings halls tend to focus on completing formalities and serving courses. However, this may not be the best use of time when thinking about keeping your dance floor packed. Most banquet managers tell clients "lets do all the formalities in the beginning of the wedding, then you will have two hours of dance time." Sounds great, except it is import to keep the guest involved or they will lose attention. Remember a wedding isnt a spectator sport and don’t treat it like one. Plus even the best dancers need a break.

3. Lately speeches from friends and family members have become all the rage! These speeches can last several minutes each. It may be a good Idea to split them up into different parts of the night. This gives your guests a break from dancing while keeping them engaged. The best man speech tends to be comical, so a great way to add some spice to the evening is end the speech’s with the best man adding on some comic relief.

4. Obviously your goal is to have an epic time at your wedding, but you also want your guest to enjoy themselves as well. It is key to not place guest with sensitive ears next to the DJs speakers, including but not limited to grandparents, elderly guests, and guests with small children. Keep in mind that if tables are placed in front of the DJ’s speakers, a louder volume will be required to reach tables that are further away, which would make the volume uncomfortable for the guest closest to the speakers. Depending on the room the DJ may want to place a speaker in a remote section of the room to assure the volume is perfect thought the reception room.

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