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  • George Pompilio

Are Special Effects Special Enough to Include in My Big Day?

Weddings are becoming more and more elaborate. And, every bride wants to set her wedding apart from the rest. So, you may be asking yourself, “How do I add that extra flare to my wedding?” What can I include, beyond the flat screens and lighting, that will leave a lasting impression on my guests.

What follows are some nifty effects that you may consider integrating into your big day.

Cold Sparklers

Cold sparklers are all the rage. They replicate a sparkler effect by shooting sparks out of a base. A benefit of Cold Sparklers is that they are generally non-flammable as long as they come from a reputable company. Cold Sparkers should be used sparingly so as not to reduce the Wow factor. Cold Sparklers can have a hefty price tag, which will vary depending on the DJ. Before you set your heart on using Cold Sparklers make sure that your venue permits their use. The great thing about cold sparklers is that they are supposed to be none flammable as long as a reparable company makes them. Not all fire marshals will allow you to use cold sparklers, you must check with your catering hall to make sure they are allowed.

C02 Cannons

If you’re really into creating a club feela C02 cannon is the way to go! A C02 cannon allows the wedding couple to shoot off a blast of C02 from a hand held canon. This results in a frosty white effect over the heads of the guests on the dance floor, which help add to the excitement. Much like Cold Sparklers, you should check with your venue before committing to the upgrade.

Dancing On A Cloud

What is Dancing on a cloud? The ultimate touch of elegance of course! This upgrade creates the illusion that the newlywed couple is dancing on a cloud. The effect uses dry ice to imitate a low-lying cloud effect. This effect is usually only used for the first dance and only lasts roughly 30-60 seconds. Keep in mind that the effect can createcondensation on tile or granite floors, which can make themvery slippery. So, exercising caution with fancy dance moves is a must. Again, not all catering halls will allow this effect so check with your venue before committing to this add-on.

Like everything else, integrating special effects is a matter of choice. And, the choice is yours because it is your special day. Have it your way!

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